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Our Story

The Why Behind The Academy

Birthing Little Humans Academy started when Valerie The Doula saw a need for quality, comprehensive education for Doulas beyond the industry’s weekend trainings. Based on years of experience as a Doula and all that she saw while working in various hospitals, birth centers, while at home births and conversations with many OB/GYNs and midwives, Valerie wrote a 12-week curriculum with a solid foundation in understanding the pregnant body to support techniques to starting your own birth business. “Believing deeply that doulas needed to know more, understand completely and be equipped with knowledge that strengthened their instincts, I wrote the course to encompass every aspect of pregnancy, birth and postpartum so that every Doula student would have the instinctual knowledge to support Moms no matter the circumstance. I believe that this type of Doula education is what increases Mom’s confidence in having a Doula by her side. From experience, I saw Doulas who had trained in a weekend with no continuing education… fail at supporting Moms and that hurt my soul” And so, birthed was a 12-week long program that’s self-paced but one where a student can pick up where they left off in the midst of their own busy lives.